Introducing GFIH Ministries, New York

Gospel Foundation International Healing Ministries is a world class ministry proclaiming the gospel of Christ and advancing the Kingdom of God through our holistic, Holy Spirit centered approach centered upon:

 Healing       Deliverance      Evangelism      Discipleship      Teaching

Delrene Fordyce, is presently the Senior Pastor of Gospel Foundation International Healing Ministries, Inc., located in Bronx, New York.

Pastor Fordyce was called at the tender age of 12, in Jamaica W.I. where she accepted Christ Jesus as her Lord and was baptized.  She became actively involved by preaching with her mother, an evangelist, at small group meetings, choir rehearsals and revival meetings.  Two of the most influential people in her life- were her parents, the late Phanuel & Randolph Marrett, imparted wisdom and knowledge to her by the power of the Holy Spirit, which enabled her to become a true servant of God. Her confirmation of her call to ministry came through prophecies, dreams and visions.  

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